Grain Free Dog Food
an Examination


The grain free dog food trend has gathered significant attention within the pet industry. This is good in that it means people are trying to be more discerning. It is bad in that the trend misleads folks by distracting them from the real danger in pet feeding.

Dr. Wysong was the first in the pet food industry to alert the public to the dangers of a constant diet of grain-based pet foods. Many companies have followed this lead but have not taken it far enough.

You see, it is not just grains that are a problem if fed in excess, it is starch. Starch, which is basically a poly-sugar, is not only found in grains but in nutritionally inferior ingredients such as potato and tapioca…and other starch sources that are somewhat hidden on the ingredient label. So when companies call their products "grain free," but still include starch sources, no real health ground is achieved.

Companies are just trading starch sources. By feeding grain free dog foods you are running in place with your pet's health. That is not the case with Wysong Starch Free™foods. Wysong Epigen™ Starch Free™ Dog Food hits the nutritional nail directly on the head.

Wysong has over 30 years producing the best pet nutritional products in the world. Our products are researched and developed by our own doctors, and we have our own manufacturing facilities. We will give you honest information and honest products that work.

Let us help you make your pet's health span equal to its lifespan.

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