Grain Free Dog Food
an Examination

Grain free dog food does not mean more meat

One of the primary appeals of the grain free dog food slogan is that it seems to imply more meat. This is not by accident. Producers know that consumers want more meat in the foods they purchase.

But don't be fooled. The grain free dog food slogan has nothing to do with the amount of meat in a product. The starch in the grain has simply been replaced with the starch from something else, like potato or tapioca.

Nor do such grain free dog foods have less starch and sugar than other conventional dry (kibble) dog foods that have been on the market for sixty years.

This becomes clear by simply looking at the analysis. You will note that grain free dog foods have protein in the range of 18-30% or so, just like all the other products on the market that have grains.

You will note that Wysong grain AND starch free products have considerably higher protein levels because the starch has truly been substituted with meat products.

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