Grain Free Dog Food
an Examination

Why are grains and starches in dog foods at all?

In order to extrude and form a dry, meat containing dog food, starches from one source or another have been used. Common examples of starch ingredients used in conventional dog foods are corn, rice, wheat, potato, oats, barley and tapioca. These starches gelatinize during extrusion and create a binding matrix, making the end kibble product cohesive. Simply put, without the starch component it is nearly impossible to form a cohesive kibble that holds its integrity and doesn't simply fall apart.

So while grains may be lacking in grain free dog foods, one look at the ingredient list of any of these products will show you that the grains have been merely replaced by another starch, which functions as the binder that holds the kibble together.

Aside from the many grain free dog foods and starch free foods presently available, Wysong has developed a patented entirely starch-free dry (kibble) diet, which will be the first of its kind. This unique product is due for release within a few months.

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